2,380 Calls for Fire Department/EMS in 2014
by Catherine Stortz Ripley 01/27/15 CT

Chillicothe Emergency Services and Fire Department responded to 2,380 calls during 2014. Fire Chief Darrell Wright's year-end report for the department shows that the department conducted 184 fire code/safety inspections, made 93 customer service calls, responded to 11 carbon monoxide-related calls and 17 spill/HazMat calls during 2014. There were 23 structure fires to which the department responded. The department's year-end report showed that 174,840 miles were traveled during the year.

Highlights of 2014 included construction and completion of a fire training center, the addition of a new cardiac monitor with transmission capabilities, and the addition of a new rescue truck as well as involvement with a number of community awareness efforts. The 4,300 square foot training center at 1301 Green Street opened in November and training has already begun. The $423,000 facility is five stories tall and has six training levels. The cardiac monitor with transmission capabilities allows personnel to transmit EKGs to cardiology nurses when emergencies arise. This helps ambulance personnel as well as patients by providing information to hospitals so they can be better prepared for when patients arrive.

The department received a new state-of-the-art rescue truck last spring, replacing an older model. The new truck is equipped with tools that are pre-connected to the truck which shortens the length of time necessary to get the equipment ready for rescues. Also last year, a new 4-wheel drive ambulance was ordered to replace a 2008 model that had logged more than 200,000 miles. The new ambulance is being paid for by the ambulance district and will be arriving later in 2015.

Other activities during 2014 included a community-wide storm spotters class in which more than 100 people participated, an update to the local emergency operations plans, hosted several fire and EMS classes, and involvement with the relocation of patients from the old Hedrick Medical Center to the new Hedrick Medical Center. The department completed a joint fundraiser with HMC with funds used to support Hope House and local cancer patients. The department also completed ISO re-evaluation of the fire protection rating - an evaluation that occurs every 10 years. The department also participated in a national level earthquake drill.

Looking ahead, 2015 goals of the department are to complete a patient safety program to be used by paramedics, update all medical protocols, participate with the hospital emergency room in the 3rd annual breast cancer awareness fundraiser, and complete staff training and have the new training center fully operational.

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