Y-Pal Visitors
December 17, 2016

The Y-Pals program connects volunteer mentors, who spend time with their "Y-Pal" and then get together as a group once a month for a collective activity. In December, the two Y-Pals spent a day with the Mayor. Over $2,000 was raised at the dinner and auction in October; and the day with the Mayor at the Mayor's expense was a tour of city hall, the police station by Chief Rick Knouse; and the fire and ambulance departments by Captain Les Hinnen. There was a shopping tour at Wal-Mart courtesy of the mayor. The children were accompanied by Mrs. Shawn Hurtgen, Director of the Y-Pals and Back Pack Buddy program at the Grand River Area YMCA.

CAPTION: Earlier this month, the Y-Pals who spent a day with the Mayor were Madison,12 and Stephen, 10.

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