Fire Department Traveled More Than 177,000 Miles
Responded to More than 2,605 Calls in 2016
January 30, 2017

The Chillicothe Fire Department traveled 177,450 miles and responded to 2,605 emergency management services and fire calls in 2016. The majority of the calls - 2,166 - were for emergency management services involving ambulance response. The department responded to 144 service calls last year, which included a myriad of requests, such as individuals needing assistance getting into their homes, assistance with wheel chair needs, etc.

  • The department installed 80 smoke detectors last year and conducted 58 fire code/safety inspections.
  • There were 24 structure fires to which the department responded, four fires outside of structures, 17 tree/brush/grass fires and 15 automobile fires.
  • The year-end report included responses to 24 automatic alarm system malfunctions, 20 carbon monoxide-related calls, four false alarms, and seven smoke scares.
  • The department performed 16 auto extrication/ rescues and 11 rescues other than auto extrication.
  • The department responded to six hazardous materials spills or leaks without fires and conducted four storm watches.
  • The Chillicothe Fire Department provided mutual aid to other departments on five occasions in 2016.

Fire Chief Darrell Wright highlighted a number of activities taking place during 2016 in the department's year-end report. The department hosted a community-wide storm-spotter class, updated local emergency operations plans and had them approved by the State Emergency Management Agency. The department added a new cardiac monitor with transmission capabilities to an ambulance so that medical personnel can simultaneously send via wi-fi cardiac monitor transcripts to Hedrick Medical Center or other receiving facilities.

The department also hosted several fire and EMS classes.

The department completed a joint fundraiser with Hedrick Medical Center with funds going to support Hope House and local cancer patients. The department also participated in a joint emergency operations exercise with Grundy County and took delivery of a new ambulance paid for by the Livingston County Ambulance District. A highlight of the year for the department was being named Fire Department of the Year by the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri.

Wright also outlined 2017 goals. These include updating all medical protocols, participating with HMC's Emergency Room in their fifth breast cancer awareness fundraiser, upgrading reporting software and providing more community classes on preparedness for disasters. The department also plans to establish EMS critical care transport service, conduct joint training with all law enforcement agencies, the health center, and Hedrick Medical Center, and organize and start an Honor Guard Team.

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