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The Rural Fire Protection District provides fire protection to persons residing outside the corporate limits of the city and within a ten-mile radius of Chillicothe. Members pay yearly dues of $150 per residential membership. In the event of a fire, members dial 911 and full time, trained responders are dispatched from the City of Chillicothe Fire Department.

Membership is required to have fire protection available outside the city limits of Chillicothe, Missouri. Dues for residential memberships are due by April 1 each year. An annual bill is sent in February. Send money only to the address below and not to the City of Chillicothe.

If you do not have fire coverage, but the city is called to fight a fire non-members are required to pay $100 for responding to the fire call or alarm, $500 for each hour spent in combating the fire, plus one year's membership fee.

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Contact Information
For more information about membership visit the Rural Fire Association Facebook page. You may also write to PO Box 432; Chillicothe, MO 64601. Bette Atwell, Secretary, may also be contacted for more information at (660) 707-3185.

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  • Create a safety zone of at least 30 feet around your house;
  • Remove all debris such as leaves and rubbish from under and around your structure;
  • Do not burn if it is extremely dry outside;
  • Have an adequate water source available and plenty of extra hands to help you control your fire;
  • Remove vines from your home walls and keep shrubs trimmed away from the house;
  • Store hazardous and flammable liquids in a proper storage place;
  • Stack firewood at least 10 feet away from your home;
  • Finally, if you even think you may need the fire department, call them early. It takes a little longer for them to reach some rural areas.

Kids, learn how you can help prevent wildfires!

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700 East 2nd Street, Chillicothe, MO  64601
Phone: (660) 646-2139
Emergencies: Dial 9-1-1
FAX: (660) 646-2196
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